We are encouraging our local governments to place a high priority on reducing transportation climate emissions by dramatically increasing public transit services. Boosting electrified public transit also can impact affordability for many and create much more equitable access to travel.

Local governments have long said significant transportation initiatives are beyond what they can afford with limited finances, and require provincial and federal funding. That is absolutely true. Our local representatives should be leading the campaign to persuade both upper levels of government to fund the transformation necessary.

Improvements that we are looking for:
  • a Nelson-Trail daily express bus service to serve hospital patients and commuters. Nelson to the hospital in Trail express with NO transfers.
  • an affordable fast daily bus service to Vancouver, as part of an inter-connected public provincial bus network.
  • the electrification of all school and transit buses
  • on-demand transit vehicles that come to your door when scheduled
  • transit bus service on Sundays

Join in our Submission on Clean Transportation in BC. By April 5th

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